SQL Interview Questions and Answers

Below is a collection of commonly asked SQL Interview questions and answers. The SQL interview questions and answers are brief and precise.

1. What is SQL?

The acronym SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the typical language used for relational database maintenance and a wide range of data processing tasks. The first SQL database was created in 1970.

It is a database language used for operations such as database creation, deletion, retrieval, and row modification. It is sometimes pronounced “sequel.” It may also be used to manage structured data, which is made up of variables called entities and relationships between those entities.

2. Exactly how is SQL used?

The relational data and the database’s data structures must be maintained through SQL. Below are a few examples of typical usages,

  • In order to insert records into a database
  • In order to delete records from a database
  • In order to update records to a database
  • To execute queries from a database
  • To retrieve data from a database
  • To create new databases
  • To add fresh tables to a database etc.

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