PHP Interview Questions and Answers

Below is a collection of commonly asked PHP Interview questions and answers. The PHP interview questions and answers are brief and precise. 

1. What is PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor, or PHP. It is a commonly used server-side scripting language that is free and open source. Numerous databases are supported, including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.

The father of PHP is Rasmus Lerdorf

2. Describe the differences between static and dynamic websites?

Content on static websites cannot be modified after the script has been executed. Nothing on the website may be altered. It already exists.

The script material of dynamic websites may be altered in real-time. Each time a user visits or reloads the page, the content is created again. Every search engine, including Google and Facebook, is an example of a dynamic website.

3. What PHP content management systems (CMS) are in demand?

  • WordPress: WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is free and open-source and is built on PHP and MySQL. There is a template system and plug-in architecture included. It offers a different kind of web content, including more conventional email lists and forums, media displays, and online shops, however, it is mostly related to blogging.
  • Joomla: Open Source Matters, Inc. developed the free and open-source content management system (CMS) known as Joomla. It is built on a model-view-controller web application framework that is independent of a content management system.
  • Magento: Varien Inc. created Magento, an open-source E-trade platform that is useful for an online company. It is adaptable with a flexible measured design and provides a wide range of beneficial control options for customers. Magento makes use of the E-trade platform, which provides businesses with cutting-edge E-business agreements and a vast support network.
  • Drupal: Drupal is a PHP-based CMS platform that is made available under the GNU (General Public License).

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