DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Below is a collection of commonly asked DevOps Interview questions and answers. The DevOps interview questions and answers are brief and precise.

1. What is DevOps?

DevOps simply refers to a method that promotes communication and cooperation between IT experts and software developers. It focuses on accelerating software product delivery and reducing release failure rates.

2. Why is DevOps necessary?

Companies are attempting to determine if tiny features may be delivered to their consumers via a succession of release trains rather than delivering large sets of features. 

This provides several benefits, such as rapid customer feedback, higher software quality, etc., which ultimately results in great customer satisfaction. In order to do this, businesses must,

  • Increase the number of deployments
  • Less failure rate for the new releases
  • Shorter time to recover in the case of a crashing new release
  • Lowered the gap between fixes

All of these needs are met by DevOps, which also aids in the delivery of software without interruption. You may cite instances of businesses using DevOps to attain performance levels that were unimaginable even five years ago, such as Etsy, Google, and Amazon.

They deploy tens, hundreds, or even thousands of lines of code per day while maintaining the highest levels of security, dependability, and stability.

3. What are the DevOps guiding principles?

  • Dismantle the obstacles
  • Cooperating
  • Teamwork from beginning to conclusion
  • To encourage business and IT agility
  • Automate all processes
  • Verify everything
  • Monitor and measure all things.

4. What benefits does DevOps offer?

You might utilize your prior experience to support your response by describing how DevOps aided you in your previous position. If you lack this experience, you may highlight the benefits listed below.

Benefits to businesses

  • More reliable working conditions
  • Faster feature delivery
  • Having more time to innovate 

Technical advantages

  • Simpler issues to solve
  • Distribution of software continuously
  • Faster issue solving

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