C++ Interview Questions and Answers

Below is a collection of commonly asked C++ Interview questions and answers. The C++ interview questions and answers are brief and precise.

1. What is C++?

Bjarne Stroustrup developed the object-oriented programming language C++. It was made public in 1985. With the primary addition of classes in the C language, C++ is a superset of C.

Stroustrup’s first term for the new language was “C with classes.” The name was eventually changed to C++, nevertheless. The C increment operator ++ is where the concept of C++ originated.

2. What benefits does C++ offer?

Along with maintaining all C language features, C++ also makes memory management simpler and adds a number of new ones, including,

  • Because C++ is such a highly portable language, programs written in it can run on any platform.
  • Classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction are all concepts included in the object-oriented programming language C++.
  • The idea of inheritance is present in C++. One may utilize the current classes and remove the extraneous code using inheritance.
  • Data hiding aids programmers in creating safe applications that can withstand intruder attacks.
  • The mechanism utilized for communication between the objects is message passing.
  • There is a large function library in C++.

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